Puppy Obedience Training - $1,000

   Our Puppy Obedience package, priced at $1,000, is a 2 week live in course at Debut Shepherds. Pups will live in the home and work with a trainer daily on basic obedience commands- such as:

  • Come when called

  • Heel (walking at your side)

  • Sit

  • Stay

  • Lay Down

  • Crate Training

  • House Breaking

Pups will finish the course by making a video on their training progress. This will allow you to see how they were trained and how to best maintain their training when you take them home.


Personal Protection Training - $3,000

  Our Personal Protection package, priced at $3,000, is run by a licensed training facility that specializes in training working dogs. The State of Texas requires personal protection dog trainers to have at least 2 years of experience training police dogs, and to maintain the required licensing with the State.
   With this course, your dog will live on-site with the trainer when he is a minimum of 10 months old. He will be immersed in a 30-45 day protection training program where he will learn:

  • Improved/Advanced obedience

  • Alert command

  • Attack command

  • Release and guard command

  Upon your dog’s completion of the course, you will be given a live demo of your dogs commands, and taught how to handle and instruct your dog appropriately. You will take your dog back home as a highly trained security system. 
Your dog will need to have advanced obedience training to participate in the personal protection training course. If he does not, advanced obedience can be added to this course for an additional $1,000.