Deya and Che

Deya and Che

    Just south of Dallas, TX- on a 5 acre farm, you'll find Debut Shepherds owned by Lane Williams. Dogs don't stay in cages here. They have yards to run and play, a farm to work, visitors to greet, and a house where the family (dogs included) resides. 

   Being involved with working line German Shepherd dogs for over 10 years, Lane has a deep love for the breed and won't own any other kind of dog. Her passion stems from the dog's genuine love of its family, naturally protective instincts, quick wit and charming personality. 

    The pups born here are handled and socialized from day one. They live in the home with the family, and are integrated into the daily routine on the farm. Exposure to a variety of animals, new people, a children's playground, and acres of open fields to roam develop puppies into well behaved and confident dogs. 

    Ready to fall in love? 

    Is a working line Shepherd right for you and your family? Learn more about the differences between show line German Shepherds and working line German Shepherds here. Feel free to contact us to arrange a phone consultation to discuss your specific needs and lifestyle, and find out if a working line Shepherd would be a good match.

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