Loes Vom Polisis K9 is a stunning bi colored female with a pedigree thats just as striking as she is. Her West German breeding with just a touch of DDR (and all IPO3) awards Loes with her friendly and loving temperament; her intelligent, intense and focused mindset; her courageous and protective nature; and a deep desire to WORK. Already achieving her AD at such a young age, this one was born an overachiever. Complete with health tested hips/elbows and DM clear, Loes will pass on health, temperament, ambition and beauty to her offspring.  She is everyone’s friend and yet your greatest protector; your right hand man and your partner in crime- all wrapped up into one.
After completing her farm "chores", Loes enjoys playing ball and could fetch for hours on end. Sitting around the fire pit on a cool fall night while playing ball with Loes is a common occurrence at Debut Shepherds. 

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